Life Lessons I learn from my 2 year old and the positive influences we can have on them

Life lessons I learn from my 2 year old and the positive Influences we can have on them

We are living in an era where youth obesity seems to be steadily increasing as are the number of activities which involve staying at home and using some type of technological device. It is time we come together and help find ways to promote a healthier lifestyle to the youth of America.

Raising a 2 year old daughter who always wants to hold the phone, take pictures, watch videos, watch TV or use the computer; I have to ask myself the following question: Where is our society going to be in the next 20 years and what challenges will present themselves with the ever evolving technology and the youths gravitation towards instant gratification.

Why exercise? Besides the obvious effects of exercise on weight control and the benefits associated with this i.e. (lower blood pressure, decreased chance of childhood diabetes, etc.) it also raises a child’s self-esteem. We need to recognize that as parents and mentors to the children we come in contact with on a daily basis to be a positive role model through positive reinforcement, living the lifestyle you want your child to live.

Another great thing about having a 2 year old… They seem to repeat and mimic everything that you do. Which at times I think helps us turn our attention onto ourselves and provides us with a little self-reflection on how we are behaving, acting or speaking during a situation. To me it is amazing and the most wonderful thing to have your daughter look up to you and try to mimic, talk, eat, exercise and act out the way you treat her.

Today she was tucking in her baby on the floor and kissing her good night and giving her a bottle and saying love you, just the way we do when we tuck her in at night. One of those proud parent moments, yet an awe ha moment as well. It dawned on me that a healthy lifestyle is something that may be able to be taught as early as 2.

So tonight we snuck in a few dances every time a song came on during her favorite TV show she watches before bed time to keep up the healthy habits we are trying to instill in her, not to mention how much fun it is to dance with your daughter.

I think one of her favorite healthy lifestyle activities we do is to help me prepare the meals for the day when mommy is not doing the cooking. She helps me pour and mix the ingredients for our meals, all while learning to cook and prepare your meals fresh and enjoy the process of making something. Hopefully it will be something that will last into her later years as she gets older.

So I leave you with some of the physical activities that I seem to find myself doing every day I am home with her throughout the day: Dancing, Chasing (playing tag), racing around the house (there are winners in this game), the agility ladder (she loves this and requests it), tug of war, throwing and catching, jumping over my 3 inch hurdles, going for walks, chasing the dog and the best for last napping (need that recovery time).


One thought on “Life Lessons I learn from my 2 year old and the positive influences we can have on them

  1. Great job!! So true with todays youth…….I can’t believe how many kids are on their phones………more likely than not our youngsters of today will have neck problems in the future since they don’t ever look up.


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