Should Fitness Technology be used with Children

kids fitness

It has been shown that children who are relatively sedentary and are opposed to physical activities whether it due to being psychological or physical in nature the use of Active Video Games (AVG’s) may help these children who are apprehensive to become more active.

I personally don’t think AVG’s should be used as their only type of physical activity by any means.  However I am for another tool that we can use as trainers and parents to help enhance a child’s viewpoint towards physical activity.  AVG’s can allow a self-conscious child workout in a “safe” environment at first void of any ridicule from their peers.  I hope this child’s self-confidence will increase and the enjoyment for movement based activity will also increase.  Perhaps this will become a catalyst to the both the parent and child to go outside and play.  A common phrase that we grew up with as children, however I can say that I don’t see many children coming home from school and going outside to play anymore. 

I hope that these AVG’s will help once again promote physical activity and we will once again hear from our neighbors and community more of “go outside and play”.

If you have used AVG’s in your home to help increase your child’s activity I would love to hear what your results were and if you have any advice or tips for anyone else who might be thinking of using them.

I will be checking out the app called healthy habits today and seeing how I might be able to integrate it into our family’s fitness routines.


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