GOOD OR BAD? New FDA Food Labels

New Labeling Requirements from the FDA

It came across my feed the other day that the FDA was changing the requirements of food labels to list the added sugar to food.  To me being a fitness and wellness professional I was thinking well that is about time.  Then as I read on in the article is also stated that they were going to adjust the serving sizes as well.  As I read on they are changing the serving size from a recommended portion to an adjusted average of what people actually consume in one sitting.

This is very troubling to me as it appears the FDA has succumb to the politically correctness of possibly offending someone by telling them what they are supposed to be eating.  This is a terrible idea in my mind that all it does is enable someone to justify the amount they are eating (though be it overeating) in many cases.

I looked up the coca-cola page today to see if any of the companies have adjusted the serving size and I noticed that the 16 oz and the 20oz have changed their serving size to 1 serving each.  However they have not changed the “added sugars” to it yet.  So I looked a little further and looked up the 2 liter and the 1 liter serving size and it says 12oz.  Odd to me that a serving size is 12, 16 and 20oz alike?  To me which one is it?

In a world where added sugar has become one of the most addictive substances and has caused numerous health problems you would think perhaps the serving size might rather be adjusted not only by the number of calories based on a diet recommendation for healthy individuals but also on the percentage of added sugar to a food based on the daily allotment.

In the case of the soda, I’m pretty sure there isn’t much nutritional value so…. Wouldn’t all of the sugar would be considered added.  The problem with the suggestion above would be the serving size of even a 12oz a can would have enough sugar for a healthy diet for the entire day, thus would the actual serving size be considered zero?  Now that would pose a problem.

The epidemic of obesity and this addiction to sugar should not be encouraged by this type of labeling.  Again it only enables a person to consume more that they daily allowance of added sugar in one serving and justifies it by saying well it says its only one serving.

I wonder if they will eventually put food labels like they do for cigarettes stating consuming added sugar above the recommended daily allowance causes: obesity, cancer etc…  consume at your own risk.

I would love to hear about everyone’s thoughts on the new FDA food labeling.

If you want to read more about it go to:



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