Online Personal Training/Nutritional Coaching

Who this program works is for:

  • Those on a budget who want to see results and are driven and have some experience in and around a gym.
  • Those who are moms and dads who have kids and need to be flexible with the time of their workouts/Nutritional needs
  • Those who travel a lot and are in and out of hotels and need a variety of options while out on the road
  • Athletes who are motivated to succeed spend a lot of money on lessons but need more dedication to the physical side of the sport
  • Someone who may need daily motivational support from a someone who is going to help them be accountable
  • Those who are willing to be honest when reporting their workout results via online and submitting honest feedback

Who this Program does not work for:

  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix to solve their physical needs
  • Someone who is not 100% committed to obtaining their goals
  • Someone who wants only free advice
  • A complete beginner to exercise and has never set foot in a gym (you will need to gain some guided experience from someone to help you learn how to do the exercises correctly)  (A blended option would work)
  • Special Populations (youth, elderly, diabetic etc) as you may need to be monitored more closely while performing your workouts



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